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Quality-of-Life Medicine (QLM) is a Boutique Hormone Medicine Clinic for Advanced Hormone Optimization


QLM is proud to offer the latest evolution in Hormone Replacement Therapy, backed by years of proven clinical efficacy, integrated with all of the customizable elements of a complete therapeutic lifestyle intervention program. Hormones are the key to both health and beauty, yet hormones will not produce the desired results alone unless your diet and life-style are congruent with optimal health. 


QLM's therapeutic programs will restore your hormone levels to those of a healthy young reproductive human, while blending all of the life-style elements that make for health and well-being.  These elements adhere to our clinically proven professional lifestyle program designed to clean and balance your gut microbiome, restore nutrition deficiencies, improve endocrine function, reduce inflammation, and increase energy metabolism so your brain and body can function properly. Our goal is to restore you back to a state of well balanced health.


Our clinicians are formally trained in 4th generation hormone restoration therapies. They comprehencively understand how to restore men and women to their ultimate "Hormone Sweet Spot" with the Lifestyle rubric of our programs.


QLM's programs are simple and easy to use.  There's no more confusion on what to eat, which hormones to take or how much. We've found over the years what works and what doesn't work with hormones, and what diet and lifestyle program increases efficacy and maintains the integrity of hormones.


Hormones aren't for everybody, but they are for those interested in taking proactive steps to optimize their health and prevent disease. They are for those individuals who know there's more to hormone replacement therapy than what they're getting. Hormones are for the individuals who intuitively understand it's low hormone levels that's making them fat and feel crazy.  


Whether you're already on hormones, or have and estrogen deficiency problem, or know you need guidance to achieve your ultimate "Hormones Sweet Spot," take a closer look at our website and see if one of our programs is right for you. Not all hormone replacement therapy is the same. Ours is not a One-Size-Fits-All.




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